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We welcome you behind the scenes at Kugler Maag Consulting: Our magazine Kugler Maag Concepts gives you an insight into our ideas workshop. In each issue of Concepts, we introduce you to a future topic that the process experts at Kugler Maag Cie are working on. Read today what will impact the automotive industry tomorrow. 

The Concept Crew at Kugler Maag Cie

Issue 02 2022-2 On an Automotive Industry in Motion

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Issue 02 2022-1 Automotive Systems Engineering

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Issue 01 2021-1 Automotive Integrated Development

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Automotive integrated Development

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Automotive integrated Development (AiD), this is the practice-oriented blueprint for the entire automotive lifecycle. Use this modular blueprint to manage all your activities, whether they are architectural decisions in the concept phase, engineering tasks in the project phase, or maintenance activities in the post-development phase. With AiD you can integrate and structure all these activities.

Automotive Systems Engineering

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With Automotive Systems Engineering, your company has for the first time a holistic control approach framework for the entire vehicle lifecycle. With AiD inside (Concepts 1-2021), Automotive Systems Engineering becomes an advanced blueprint that links three important views: 

  1. Product view
  2. Process view
  3. Tools and practices

This issue of Concepts magazine introduces you to Automotive Systems Engineering and shows you how to combine these two effective approaches, Systems Engineering and AiD, into a powerful, advanced approach to mastering the automotive lifecycle.

The Automotive Industry in Motion

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The software-defined vehicle is transforming the automotive industry into a service industry. In this issue, we illustrate the enormous impact of this change on the E/E R&D organization. The reason is that the change in the business model is creating a new, continuous paradigm that affects both the technology and the organization.